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Why We Give Our Dogs CBD Oil, and will Continue To Do So

There’s a bunch of science behind why you should give CBD oil to you pet/dog/cat. I’ll get into that later on in another post, but here I want to tell you first hand what I have experienced with our dogs. My wife and I began to rescue Beagles about 8 years ago. Throughout the years, we’ve had anywhere from 1 at one time, and as many as 12 at one time. Their ages spanned from 2-3 years young, up to 16 years old. The 16 year old is Nina, our first rescue, and as I said our oldest. I’ll start quickly with a story about Nina (who’s still with us). About a year an a half ago, she had an episode where she had her head turned all the way to one side, and could not walk; she was way off balance. Turns out she had a neurological condition called Vestibular Disease. She could not eat. She vomited multiple times. Her vomit was red, black and other horrible colors. I was 100% prepared to put her down. I could not stand to see her like that. She would go in and out of that state, and we agreed that if she continued to have them, and if they lasted long, we would consider putting her down, as horribly hard that would have been. I immediately got her on a strong CBD regiment (and changed her diet) on a product from a company that I trust, and I am not kidding when I say that within 24 hours, she was a different dog. She was almost back to her normal self … and at 14-15 years old, she was still slow and off balance a bit, but no more leaning to the right, no more vomiting. Even the vet said that a dog getting over that condition was quite rare. I’m not saying the CBD oil was definitely responsible for what happened, but let’s just say that I do not believe in coincidences.


In this picture, which is actually a few years old already, we have some of our Beagle rescue fur-babies; Jessie, Nina, Penny, Trixie and Casey.

In this picture, which is actually a few years old already, we have some of our Beagle rescue fur-babies; Jessie, Nina, Penny, Trixie and Casey.


I had mentioned that our other dogs ranged in age, and their issues have ranged widely. We felt that with CBD oil, we would try to address their individual symptoms of anxiety, fear, skin conditions, skin growths, tumors, cancer and more. I’ll go through some of our dogs and the changes we have seen in them since they’ve been using CBD oil. Jessie was the 2nd dog that we rescued. She took a while to adapt to her new family, and she was scared of almost everything. We were not giving her any oils when we first rescued her (It was 7 years ago, there wasn’t much to choose from then). She was such a sweetie and she adapted to her new environment quickly, but she did not do well with any change. If a piece of furniture was not in its place, she would stare at it, and she would make sure to walk way around it as to avoid it. Walking her out in the street (not in the middle of the road silly) was very hard and simple things frightened her. After she went on CBD oil, you could immediately see a different dog. She still had this wide eye’d look, but the fear was gone. She walked great on a leash. She interacted fine with other dogs (and our one cat). a Completely different dog (for the better). I can’t even imagine Jessie going back to the way she was, it was so horrible. Who knows what these fur-babies’ previous owners did to them.
To sum up my first post about our first two rescues (both Beagles of course) Nina and Jessie, in our eyes, there’s no doubt that CBD oil has made a huge positive impact on their lives. If you haven’t tried CBD oil for your dog, one excuse could have been that you didn’t know which brand to get, but that guess work ends now as I can honestly tell you that the Freedom CBD Pet Oil Tincture is the best we’ve used. We began with their Broad Spectrum ‘bacon flavored’ version, and have not changed since it worked so well, and the dogs love it. Here’s my affiliate links to both their Broad Spectrum Pet Tincture Bacon Flavored AND their Full Spectrum Pet Distillate (Full Spectrum CBD Oil).
Click for Broad Spectrum – Bacon Flavor
Click for Full Spectrum – Pet Tincture
Keep an eye out for posts about our other Rescues and their positive experiences with CBD oil, we still have 6 to tell you about!



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