The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft and why Everyone should own one

Being a Medical Marijuana patient, I am always looking for new and different ways to ‘intake’ the mighty compounds that come from the awesome cannabis plant. I began like many ‘newbies’ with my first appliance, the Magical Butter Machine. Originally made to ‘infuse’ butter with cannabis, people have experimented and tested other methods, and carrier oils/liquids and have found other ‘infusing’ methods using the MBM (MBM2e is the latest version). Personally I found the machine quite easy to use and have made countless batches of infused MCT Oil (liquid coconut oil) and used it both from a dropper bottle, and making capsules. I thought all was good until one day I decided to get my oil tested. I sent in some CBD Oil that I made and as you can see from the ProverdeLabs report, the CBD% was NOT what I expected (it was much lower than I expected).

Proverdelabs Result Sheet on my MBM made Oil (click for full image)

Proverdelabs Result Sheet on my MBM made Oil (click for full image)

I called the lab I use (Proverde out of Massachusetts) and had a long talk with the lab tech who ran my batch. The talk was VERY informative and I found out that using the MBM and the process I used, my results were ‘typical’. The final # came out to be about 180mg of CBD per 15ml (which is about 1/2 ounce of liquid). I expected a decently higher number considering I began with starting material that was between 10 and 15% CBD bud/flower (Mainly AC/DC strain). So, after more research and talking with people, I have come to the conclusion that for making infused butter, the machine is great. Infusing other oils/liquids with the MBM is still good, but you max out your potential final product by using the MBM. I will be keeping my MBM, but I wll NOT be using any longer to make my oil or my capsules.
My 2nd adventure and machine was the GOM (Green Oil Machine). In reality, it’s a water distiller (some people use an alcohol distiller) and it’s known for making FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). The theory behind it’s working is quite simple. You first make a tincture using Grain Alcohol (if yu can get it, it is illegal in some places, and hard to get in others. Although I have never had an issue getting it because it is available around here by me. After ‘soaking’ your starting material in the Grain (most try to use Everclear), you filter the alcohol so there is no plant material in it, then pour the alcohol into your GOM. The GOM then heats up and begins to evaporate the alcohol. The machine does allow for you to reclaim it, but you’ll see a 60% return on average. The machine also has a fanned (electric fan) top so it will distribute the AIR in which some of the alcohol evaporates. This is safer than the ‘older ways’, but still kind of dangerous. You must make sure the ‘fumes’ are dispersed and blown out of the area you are working in (any spark could make it all blow up, NO JOKE).
ExtractCraft - Makers of The Source Turbo

ExtractCraft – Makers of The Source Turbo (Last Paragraph)

The GM will ‘whittle’ down the alcohol until you are pretty much left with straight, full FECO (which is kind of difficult to work with because of its thick, tar like consistency. You can try to use a syringe to draw out the oil, or you can mix in a good carrier oil, like MCT Oil and it will loosen the product enough to where you can use a spatula (silicone so it does not burn onto the bottom of the machine) the product out into another container like a glass jar or similar. Issues I have seen with the GOM; It’s a BIG unit, great for processing large amounts, but hard to manipulate when its time to draw out the final product. You also need to watch it carefully so it does not burn your product. Trust me, it works wonders and many, many, many people swear by their Green Oil Machines, and rightfully so; It creates medicine. In many cases, life saving medicine. The unit is relatively inexpensive, although it is made in China and no offense, but not everything made in China is the best of quality. I am not slamming the GOM, I actually like the unit, but there’s a new king on the block.


The newest and greatest KING on the block is the Source Turbo from ExtractCraft. First off, the unit is made and built in Colorado, so you are supporting an ‘in country state’ when you purchase it. If you happen to live near the headquarters, you can be shown a tour of the facility and see how well they assemble and support the product. Nothing to hide here at all. You can also call them and ask them just about anything. They are very knowledgeable, super nice and will take the time to explain almost anything to you. The unit is ‘self contained’ which means non of the alcohol or product never leave the machine. It’s vacuum sealed so no alcohol vapor escapes, it all stays in the machine, which also reclaims your alcohol. Since the unit is sealed, you also get back a higher % of the alcohol you used. So while the GOM may reclaim 60% of the amount of alcohol you began with, the Source Turbo will reclaim much more. I’ve read reports and testimonials of almost 90% reclaim rate, which saves a ton of money in the long run. The unit is definitely the most well built out of the three units we talk about here. Getting the final product out is so much easier with the Source Turbo because the cup can be removed! Unlike the GOM where you have to tilt the whole machine, and reach in to wipe and/or syringe. With the ‘removable cup’ from the Source Turbo, you are just manipulating a manageable cup, not a huge machine; This makes it SO MUCH EASIER to get to your final product and manipulate it and get it out of the cup and into where you need it. There is no doubt in my mind the ExtractCraft’s Source Turbo is the BEST unit on the market and it is 100% worth spending the extra amount for it because of all of its advantages. I will guarantee that if you have used a GOM (or a MBM) in the past, and you use the Source Turbo just once, you will 100% agree with me. The ExtractCraft Source Turbo is the ONLY machine you really need. Once you have your finished FECO, that FECO can be used to make just about ANYTHING. Of, and the unit does NOT have to be solely for Cannabis, it will work with other herbs and plants as well if you are into essential oils or any of that.

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The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft - The new KING on the block!

The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft – The new KING on the block!



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