How my Magical Butter Machine saved and changed my life

How my Magical Butter Machine saved and changed my life :

It’s not quite often that you hear of a story that has to do with a home kitchen appliance and it actually saving some one’s life and also changing it for the better. Well that is what happened here, with me, and I am glad that you are here to listen to my story. It felt like it was just yesterday, but it was about 15 years ago and I had a Grand Mal seizure. During the seizure I fell and dislocated both my shoulders. I healed. It took time, but I healed. Like others, I have other issues too. IBS turned to Colitis. Anxiety and Panic Attacks become the norm. To make a long story short, I eventually got tested and showed that I was a Pre-Mutation Fragile X Syndrome sufferer. More information of what Fragile X Syndrome is can be found at The National Fragile X Foundation‘s website. I believe that my Fragile X Syndrome pre-mutation is the root cause of my Epilepsy (or Seizure Disorder), anxiety, panic attacks, Colitis, Insomnia, lack of focus … Since that first seizure I have been on many prescriptions meds, a long list which I will not write out because I refuse to give ‘big pharma’ any name mentions.

Before all this oil technology and strain tweaking, most of the time just smoking a joint would do the trick. Times have changed however, and technology has brought cannabis into the 21st century. Now we are selecting from a multitude of strains and sub-strains. There’s even hybrid strains. You name it, there’s a strain of cannabis designed just for it. Due to the seizures and anxiety, I always opt for a nice heavy Indica strain (see our Terms & Jargon page). Since smoking is not always an option, it’s easier to ‘pop a cap’ (swallow a capsule) or drop some oil under your tongue. To do that, you will need your CBD Oil or Cannabis Oil, whichever you prefer to make (learn the difference between the two here). Again for me, I need to be brought ‘down a level’, so I make my own Cannabis Oil, from all parts of Indica strain plants.

Read my story of how my Magical Butter Machine changed my life for the better!

Read my story of how my Magical Butter Machine changed my life for the better!

Just a few years ago, the Cannabis Oil that I use in my Canna-Caps had to be made using ‘the old school’ method. That method included the use of a crock pot or slow cooker. The process was messy, very stinky, took days and required intermittent attention. Along came a machine that I heard about when it was in its second generation. The Magical Butter Machine. The MBM2e. It’s not really much bigger than a blender. The Magical Butter Machine takes that whole ‘slow cooker’ method and wraps it up into a nice, neat package. The machine, in my opinion, is just absolutely awesome, although it does have a few flaws which I will mention later. You can read all about the MBM machine at their main web site, but I will quickly break down the basics for you. The machine has a few settings that you can control, 2 of the main ones being Temperature and Time. The ‘Clean’ cycle is important too, but that’s to clean the machine when you are all done making your oil.
You simply place a few ‘ingredients’ into you Magical Butter Machine. You put in your coconut oil or what ever liquid / substance you are infusing. This particular version of the machine requires 2 cups minimum. You then put in your ‘product’ or ‘flower/buds’ (don’t forget to decarb first if NOT doing a 3 day ‘low and slow’ cook). You put the cover on the machine, you choose the time, you set the temperature and off to work it goes! You’ll hear it grinding and spinning once in a while. You’ll watch the cool colored lights that are on the lid as the machine works. … You run the amount of cycles you want and when the machine is done, your ‘final product’ is ready for separating and storing. It’s so much easier than a crock pot. It’s so much less messy than a slow cooker. Press a few buttons, walk away and it does it’s thing. I literally LOVE my Magical Butter Machine! I now can make my canna-capsules quicker and cleaner than ever. The oils I have made have drastically helped all my conditions and I thank the MBM for me being able to live a life I would not be able to otherwise, not even on anything that ‘big pharma’ has ever given me, that’s for sure.

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